St. Cipriano was a wizard who committed himself to black magic and mysterious sciences and later changed to Christian confidence. Before that, he was an understudy to the Evora Witch and left the well-known Black Cover Book, a social event of spells, spells, feelings, and petitions credited to him. The following are a few forms of St. Cyprian’s Prayer for different purposes and utilize the forces of this heavenly wizard to accomplish what you want.




Among the ceremonies brought up in his famous book, the call for monetary success has consistently been among the most pursued. This well-known petition of St. Cipriano favours the energy of the appearance of cash when finished with incredible confidence; see underneath:


Save St. Cipriano, get a lot of cash flow, abundance and fortune always with me. Holy person, Cipriano presents to me a ton of cash, quantity, and future.


Similarly, as the chicken crows, the jackass thunders, st. cipriano prayer the chime rings, the goat shouts, so you Saint Cipriano will bring me much cash, riches, and fortune.


Similarly, as the sun comes up, the downpour falls, let St. Cipriano bring in cash, riches, and fortune over me (his name), so be it.


Caught under my left foot, with two eyes, I see cash, riches, and fortune, with three I hold, money, abundance, and wealth, with my Guardian Angel I ask that much cash, quantity, and future come to me. Like a crawling snake that money, riches, and fortune feel extremely near me, who can’t remain with the undeserving, who doesn’t stay with anybody yet me, who meets every one of my needs, purchasing anything I desire, spending however I see fit, cause me to languish over running out of cash, that when I generally rest and wake up money, abundance, and fortune are inside my home, my suitcase, my pocket, from my business or any place I am.


May cash, abundance, and fortune are not a long way from me, that their qualities ​​are in every case high, high, going to be alone, that St. Cipriano cash, abundance, and fortune be truly important to me. So be it. By the force of St. Cipriano, so be it. May a lot of cash, riches, and fortune come after me, with the goal that we may have solace, notoriety, influence, wellbeing, help the poor, have a decent life, and be glad.


I ask Saint Cipriano that cash, riches, and fortune look for me today. I request this to the influence from the Three Black Souls who look after Saint Cipriano, so be it. May cash, riches, and fortune come simultaneously to my home, my life, my business, and my business. Let the foes not see us, see us, so be it, it will be in this way, it is finished.


O St. Cipriano and the Three Black Souls looking after St. Cipriano, notice my solicitation.  




This petition of St. Cipriano is performed by the individuals who wish to close their bodies against every one of the shades of malice that influence our mystical body. Jealousy, stink eyes, spells, restricting works, and a wide range of negative sorcery are far eliminated from the individuals who say this petition with incredible confidence. Individuals who implore say that they have gotten more secured and more grounded after supplication. See the words underneath:


Ruler God, the forgiving, supreme, and simply Father, who sent your child our Lord Jesus Christ to the world for our salvation, answer our petition, stooping yourselves to arrange the detestable soul or spirits that torture your worker (say now the name of the actual individual), that move away from here, escape your body.


You gave St. Peter the keys of paradise and earth, saying to him, What you tie on earth will be bound in heaven, what you free on earth will be killed in paradise. (The officiant with the key in his right-hand makes a sign on the individual’s chest – or all alone – as though shutting an entryway).


In your name, ruler of the witnesses, favoured St. Peter, the assemblage of (presently say the name of the actual individual). St. Peter shuts the entryway of this spirit with the goal that the souls of murkiness don’t enter.


The demonic forces won’t beat God’s law. St. Peter shut, is shutting. From here on out, Satan can presently don’t enter this body, the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit. So be it.  


Make the indication of the cross.


After asking St. Cyprian’s petition to close the body, ask for a Creed, an Our Father, and a Hail Mary.




Who never languished over adoration, let the main stone toss. On the off chance that you are sorrowful for your absence of love and need to have it close by in any case, ask the wizard and magician’s mediation and supplicate this amazing petition with extraordinary confidence. He will tune in to your solicitation:


By the forces of St. Cipriano and the three networks that look after St. Cipriano (name of individual) will now and promptly come after me. (Name of an individual) you will come in huge numbers, in affection, brimming with adoration, horny for me, you will return to me and ask me for pardoning at the earliest opportunity.


Holy person Cipriano, make that (name of the individual) neglect and leave every other lady who might be to you, simply adoring me. St. Cyprian eliminates from (name of individual) any lady, that he looks for me consistently, today and now, wishing to be close by, that he be certain that I am the lone lady in his life.


Holy person Cipriano, ensure that [name of person] can’t live without me, can’t settle or rest, no place would he be able to be, without continually having my picture in his brain, and in his heart, consistently. . That when I rest I need to dream, that when I awaken I quickly need to figure, no one but I can wish, and I need to be.


Holy person Cipriano, who (name of individual) considers me consistently of his life. That (name of individual) needs to embrace me, kiss me, deal with me, secure me, love me consistently, the entire life. To cherish me all the more every day and to feel joy just with me.


Holy person Cipriano makes (name of individual) feel for my love, fondness, and want, as never felt for some other lady and never will. May he have joy just with me, may he be horny just for me, and may his body have a place with me alone, may he enjoy harmony and rest just on the off chance that he be with me.


I thank you, Saint Cipriano, for dealing with my sake and I will unveil your name in return for tame (name of the individual) and bring you energetic, devoted, steadfast, and brimming with adoration and want in my arms. I ask you, my great Saint Cyprian, to return to me for our dating/our affection/our marriage quickly. I request this from the base from my heart to the forces of the three dark networks that look after St. Cyprian.  




Is it accurate to say that you are exceptionally terrified of losing your adored one? Do you feel your relationship is undermined? Without judgment, unafraid, make the petition of St. Cipriano for securing. This supplication will make it unthinkable for your darling to live without you, see the words and ask with extraordinary confidence:


By the unfailing force of St. Cipriano, (name of the dearest) will come after me. You will want me with everything that is in you, with all your adoration.


Holy person Cyprian, dismiss (name of the adored) from any individual who can cherish and want him, make him look for me, want me, love me energetically.


May (name of darling) awaken wishing to be with me, may he generally be persuaded that I am the correct individual to stay with him. May you generally have my picture in your brain, that when you rest you long for me, that you awaken with your idea zeroed in on me.


That (name of the darling) wishes to contact me, have my affection, my energy and be important for my life. Love me the entire day, smell me, need to contact me with adoration.


That (name of adored one) needs to embrace me, kiss me, deal with me and secure me. May he accept that I am the lady (or man) of his life and that he won’t withdraw from me for anything in this world.


May our life be brimming with energy, of adoration, and never be isolated by the powers of St. Cipriano!  




At the point when we are survivors of brokenness and hostile stare, we feel the heaviness of this negative energy on our shoulders. To dispose of this weight, supplicate with confidence this petition that St. Cyprian showed to all. It is a petition to the Holy Trinity that will make a defensive and freeing hindrance in your body:


God, notice my solicitation, act the hero. Come help me. Confounded, let the individuals who look for my spirit be embarrassed (make the indication of the Cross).


Return and let the individuals who wish me evil be embarrassed. They before long return brimming with disarray who say to me: Well, well (make the indication of the Cross).


Celebrate and cheer in you who look for you, and the individuals who love your salvation, say, May the Lord be incredible (make the indication of the cross).


You are my favorer and my deliverer, Lord God, don’t delay.


Wonder be to the Father, the Son, and the Divine Holy Spirit.


So be it!




This might be St. Cyprian’s generally sought-after supplication ever. This supplication has extraordinary force when implored with confidence and industriously. These words can fix the most impressive spells, occupations, and moorings. Request the intervention of St. Cipriano saying:


I, Cyprian, worker of God, whom I love with my entire existence, body, and soul, has troubled me for adoring you from the day you offered it to me.


Yet, you, my God and my Lord, have consistently recollected this day of your Cipriano worker.


I thank you, my God and my Lord, with my entire existence, for the advantages that I am getting from you, until further notice, O God of animals, invigorate me and confidence that I may separate, all that I have associated, to which I will summon, forever your most sacred name. For the sake of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


Ye that lives and rule forever and ever. So be it.


It is valid, Our God, that I am presently your Cyprian worker, saying to you, God, powerful and strong, that you will bite the dust on the extraordinary top, which is paradise, where the strong and sacred God is, applauded until the end of time!


You who have seen the mischievousness of your Cipriano worker! Also, such malevolence, which I was tossed under the force of Satan, yet I didn’t have the foggiest idea about your heavenly name, tie ladies, tie the billows of the sky, tie the waters of the ocean so that anglers couldn’t sail to fish the fish for the food of men, for by my malignance, my incredible devilishness, I bound pregnant ladies, that they couldn’t conceive an offspring and every one of these things I did for the sake of Satan.


Presently, my God, I conjure you again with the goal that the black magic and witchcraft of the machine or the body of this animal (this and that) can be fixed and disengaged. For I call you, O strong God, to break every one of the tendons of people. Allow the downpour to fall on the substance of the earth, that ladies may have their kids from their organic product. liberated from any tendons you have made, turn off the ocean so that anglers can fish. Liberated from any risk, turn off all that is bound in this animal of the Lord; unfastened, killed in any capacity; I turn it off, fluffy, tear, shim and shred everything, monitor or monera that is in some well or taken, to dry this animal (this and that), since all the damn demon and everything is liberated from abhorrent and all malevolent or insidious made spells,


The Lord has obliterated and demolished: O God of the greatest sky be celebrated, and on earth, as by Manoel, is the name of the powerful God. As the dry stone opened and poured water, from whom the offspring of Israel drank, thus, O powerful Lord, with a charitable hand, free this your worker (this and that) from every single fiendishness, spell, tendons, charms whatnot. leave it alone done by Satan, or his workers, and when he has this supplication upon himself, and carries it with him, or has at home with her, before the natural heaven, out of which came four waterways, fifty and six Euphrates tigers. by whom you sent water to all the world, by whom I importune you.


Master my Jesus Christ, child of Mary Most Holy, to whom to lament, or to abuse by the loathsome abhorrent soul, no chant, no malicious deeds, don’t do or restore anything evil against this your worker (this and that), however, everything referenced here, is acquired and invalidated, to which I summon the 72 dialects ​​which are dissipated all through the world, and any of their alternate extremes are obliterated by their heavenly messengers, let this worker (this and that) be supreme. May his home and everything in it be liberated from all malicious and spells by the name of God the Father, who was brought into the world over Jerusalem, by every one of the holy messengers and holy people, and by all who serve before paradise or within the sight of paradise. God, Father Almighty, so the damn demon cannot skewer anybody.


Whosoever this petition carries with it, or is perused to it, or any place there is any indication of Satan, day or night, by God, Jacques and Jacob, the reviled foe, be projected out; I summon the fellowship of the Holy Apostles, of Our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Paul, for the supplications of the nuns, for the excellence of Eve, for the penance of Abel, for God joined with Jesus, his everlasting Father, for the modesty of the dependable, for their integrity, by confidence in Abraham, by the acquiescence of Our Lady when she conveyed God, by the petition of Magdalene, by the tolerance of Moses, serve the supplication of St. Joseph, to fix the chants, holy people and holy messengers I profit myself, by the penance of St. Jonah for the tears of Jeremiah, for the petition of Zechariah, for the prediction and for the individuals who don’t rest around evening time and are longing for God Our Lord Jesus Christ, by the prophet Daniel, by the expressions of the Evangelists, by the crown he provided for Moses in tongues of fire, by the messages given by the Apostles, by the introduction of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by his sacred absolution, by the voice that was heard from the Eternal Father, saying, This is my picked child and my dearest; I owe a lot to you, since everybody fears it, and in light of the fact that it has eased back the ocean and made the earth prove to be fruitful, by the supernatural occurrences of holy messengers; who along with Him are by the ethics of the Apostles, by the happening to the Holy Spirit who slid upon them, by the ideals and names which in this supplication are by the commendation of God, who has done everything for the Father (indication of the cross), child ( indication of the cross), Holy Spirit (indication of the cross), (this and that), if any black magic is done on the head, body, or bedding, on footwear, or on cotton, silk, cloth or fleece, or in the hair of a Christian, or of a Moor, or of blasphemers, or in the bone of a human animal, of birds, or of another animal; or wood; or in books, or in Christian graves, or in Moorish graves, or in wellspring or extension, or special raised area, or waterway, or at home, in lime dividers, or in the field, or in lone spots, or inside chapels, or parcels of streams, in a house made of wax or marble, or figures made of a homestead, or in frog or saramantiga, or tail or in a creature of the ocean or waterway, or of mud, or in food or drink, or on place where there is the left or right foot, or whatever other spot where spells can be projected.


Leave every one of these things alone fixed and cut off from this worker (this and that) of the Lord, both that I, Cipriano, have done, and, for example, they have done, these witch-workers of Satan; This is valid for his being, which he once had either in his figure or in what God made.


St. Augustine and every one of the holy people, by their sacred name, to make all animals liberated from the evil of Satan. So be it.




The petition of the wonderful dark goat is regarded and dreaded by numerous individuals for its undisputed force. This adaptation underneath is accustomed to bringing your adoration back. However, be careful, possibly say this petition if you are certain that you need this individual for you, as they are irreversible.


To achieve this, you should:


  1. Light a candle and hold a blade in your correct hand before the fire


  1. Ask on a noon Friday for best viability.


  1. Say the supplication for 7 days in a row and afterward stay an additional 7 days without saying any petition.


  1. Wait for the outcome.

Marvel Black Goat, who scaled the slope, bring me (wanted name), which from my hand vanished. (Name wanted), similarly, as the chicken crows, the jackass crows, the ringer rings, and the goat thunders, so you will stroll behind me.


Actually like Caiaphas, Satan, Ferrabras, and the Chieftain of Hell, who all rule, make (wanted name) rule, to bring me sheep, caught under my left foot.


(Name of want), cash in the tub and my grasp will not be missing; parched you and I won’t end; shot and blade, neither you nor I will get us; My foes won’t see me.


The battle I will win, with the forces of the supernatural Black Goat. (Name of want), with two I see you, with three I capture you, with Caiaphas, Satan, Ferrabrás.