Free Lottery and Lotto System

LEARN TO WIN – Learn to Wheel.

Let’s say you want to choose 16 numbers. You can use the system below. This system can be used for 16 numbers. It guarantees that at least one of the winning numbers is in each line. In the UK, this minimum amount is PS10. If the numbers fall correctly, you might have a line with 4 or 5.

This system has been tried for several weeks. I once had 5 lines and received 2 lines of 3. I got a return of PS20, for a cost of PS6. Another set had four in the 16, and I got a line with three – another PS10. Even if you don’t have the exact 6 numbers, you can still win even if you do  data bullseye not have the guarantee. It all depends on the way the numbers fall in the system you use. This is true for all systems, but the better your guarantee, the greater your stake (and your chances of larger wins).

It is using 49 Lottery numbers, but it will also work with any Lottery or Lotto that requires 6 numbers per line.

Example: Select 16 numbers between 1 and 49. This chart is useful.

A=4, C=7, B=7 and D=16. E=19. F=20. G=24. H=25. I=29. J=30. K=33. L=34. M=38. N=40. O=44. P=47

These are the letters that you should choose to wheel your six lines of numbers.

1 A, B. C. F. J. L.

2 A, G. I, J. K., N

3 B, H. I, J. M, N

4 C, F H, I, J O

5 D, E. G. L. O. P

6 D, E and H, L, M, and P

These 6 lines are made up of 6 numbers.

1. 4 7 11 20-30 34

2. 4 24 29 30 34 40

3. 7 25 29 30 38 41

4. 11 20 25 29 40 44

5. 16 19 24 44 47

6. 16 19 25 34 38 46

These 6 numbers can be transferred to your lottery boards.

Some systems use numbers in place of the alphabet. This is because some systems have numbers. You can do the same thing: put your numbers below the system numbers, and then drop them into the white spaces. You don’t need to know the basics of wheeling. You must learn how to win. You and your friends and relations should win. Please let me know when you do.